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Ролик: Владимир Мегре о Родовой книге 1393097357/**http://legko-i7.ru/video/anastasija/rolik-vladimir-megre-o-rodovoj-knige.html

1 мая 2013 1099 07:00
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смотреть - There is strong organized confrontation guided from abroad by only six people which have obtained influence on church by deception.So now we can all see how Russian culture was eliminated. And you can also feel it. When you are trying to do something good for your family and your children and they call you a sectarian. They do it on purpose to resist the positive initiative in Russia. Yet you still keep doing it and the confrontation is being strengthened and your feelings are hurt.However where is that clerical body in Russia that could support all this? There is no such body. Sp far no clerical structure has given the answer to the question: where is Russian culture, folks? Where are these holidays of Rus? We speak about vedruss people and pagans, and where is the culture? There are no books, no literary sources, written language was eliminated as well. And they speak about spirituality... It means that something quite different is hiding behind this spirituality.Anyway we swallow everything we're told. So it is the good thing that there is such confrontation as we can recognize such people.What next, I wonder? Anastasia is the player that jumps all the opponents. We shall gain victory, however all thing could happen again in 500 years. And they would say in the next century: these were Anastasia's followers, the sectarians, they used to burn children.Maybe that was the mistake of vedruss people: they made little account of Book of Kin. Only the Book of Kin can prevent the history from turning back and provide full security of the kin estate. The following thing happened: vedruss people underestimated the delusive activity that destroyed the culture and distorted the history.What do we really know about our ancestors? They turned out to be awful people, horrible pagans, they nearly used to make sacrifices to the gods, they say. But the truth is that there were no sacrifices. Look what lovely holidays they had! However we were taught this way and they put it into our heads. Thus people placed little importance on Book of Kin and so they gave up their history to the enemies for elimination.And now let the new-sprung historians say that it was like this or that. However your son or your daughter would open the book of kin and say: father has written the different thing, you are lying!Please give an eye to the book of kin and tell everybody that it is very important.You can write about that present-day confrontation. We must write our history ourselves! Stop looking how they are fooling our children! - стоящее видео

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